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988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline Answered Nearly 5 Million Contacts in its First Year– 2 Million More Than the Previous 12 Months

Vibrant Emotional Health Media Contact: Divendra Jaffar, The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline Introduces Spanish Text and Chat Service and LGBTQI+ Subnetwork Ahead of First Anniversary   New York, NY (July 13, 2023) – Vibrant Emotional Health (Vibrant), one of the nation’s leading mental health organizations and the nonprofit administrator of the national 988… View Article Published on - July 13, 2023 4:41 pm Published by -

Disaster Behavioral Health Symposium 2023

Vibrant Emotional Health (Vibrant) is set to host its third annual Disaster Behavioral Health Symposium. The 2023 symposium will meet in person to highlight the importance of collaboration, teamwork, and connection between community partners to support people recovering from and responding to emergencies and other crises. This three-day event will take place from May 24-26… View Article Published on - April 14, 2023 1:19 pm Published by -

A Message from President and CEO Kimberly Williams

Thank you for supporting the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. As the administrator of the Lifeline, we’re grateful that you are an important part of the Vibrant Emotional Health community. Your generosity, along with donors across all of Vibrant’s programs, provided valuable resources that has allowed us to extend our reach to ensure that everyone can… View Article Published on - August 31, 2020 11:09 pm Published by -

A Message from President and CEO Kimberly Williams

Thank you for being an important part of the Vibrant Emotional Health community over the past year. As a generous donor, you provided valuable resources that allowed us to extend our reach to ensure that everyone can achieve emotional well-being. I am grateful for your trust, confidence, and investment in our work. As we prepare… View Article Published on - August 26, 2020 1:40 pm Published by -

A Letter to Representatives Moulton and Stewart in Support of the FCC’S Conclusion of a Universal 3 Digit Number

“We celebrate the FCC’s conclusion that we urgently need a universal 3 digit number for accessing the Lifeline, but we also believe that as the National Suicide Hotline Designation Act advances, it is important to have further discussion regarding the best possible way to achieve this important goal.” Read the rest of the letter to… View Article Published on - October 7, 2019 7:57 pm Published by -

Changing the Conversation Around Suicide

By Kimberly Williams, President and CEO, Vibrant Emotional Health This past June a series of events shed light on a growing public health problem. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a report stating that suicide rates across the country have risen over the last 20 years. This study was released during the same week… View Article Published on - July 19, 2018 6:35 pm Published by -

Statement on Family Separation Immigration Policy

Vibrant Emotional Health condemns the separation of more than 2,000 immigrant children from their parents that has occurred by order of the Federal government, and demands immediate reunification of these children with their families. Ample research in the area of adverse childhood events demonstrates that forced separation of children from their parents causes immediate psychological… View Article Published on - June 22, 2018 5:39 pm Published by -

Military Resilience Project: Audition for the Park summer musical “Twelfth Night”

Military Resilience Project to announced it’s third year of partnership with The Public!  And with that, their upcoming audition day for the Public Works’ Shakespeare in the Park summer musical “Twelfth Night”. Public Works brings various NYC groups together to perform as a community in collaboration each Summer at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. … View Article Published on - April 3, 2018 1:43 pm Published by -


No Cuts. No Delays. Children’s Services Today! This year, New York State is facing a $4.4 billion budget deficit. However, the state should not balance the budget on the backs of New York’s most vulnerable children and families involved in the behavioral health, child welfare, and juvenile justice systems. But the proposed budget does just… View Article Published on - March 27, 2018 3:57 pm Published by -