Statement from Dr. Tia Dole, Chief 988 Lifeline Officer at Vibrant Emotional Health about Tragic Loss of Professional Golfer Grayson Murray

A Statement from Dr. Tia Dole, Chief 988 Lifeline Officer at Vibrant Emotional Health: “We are heartbroken by the loss of Grayson Murray. Our hearts go out to his parents, Eric and Terry Murray, as this is such a trying time in their lives. It is evident that he was not only a talented golfer,… View Article

Strengthening Our Culture of Belonging: Embedding Equity In the Workplace and the Communities We Serve

“We want folks to know that Vibrant is accessible, accountable, intentional, and thoughtful. Those are all the essential components to a sense of belonging.” – Sa’uda Dunlap, Vice President of Equity and Belonging Embedding Equity in Vibrant’s Workplace and the Communities We Serve This past year, Vibrant worked across the organization to further embed belonging… View Article

Transforming Crisis Response: Revolutionizing Mental Health Access Across the Country

“With Vibrant’s support, you’re never alone. There’s always someone you can reach out to and connect to who can offer validation and emotional health resources.” – Christian Burgess, Disaster Distress Helpline Director The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline’s first year demonstrated the enormous impact this three-digit number has already had in offering unprecedented access to… View Article

Guiding Families and Empowering Youth: Through Personalized Emotional Health Support

HJ’s Journey with Staten Island Family & Youth Peer Support (FYPS) Towards Well-being and Empowerment: Before joining Staten Island FYPS, HJ, a 23-year-old mother of five was a survivor of domestic violence with a significant history of trauma. She faced uncertainty about how to ensure the well-being of herself and her children. Literacy challenges added… View Article

Connecting Lives: Strengthening Families for a Brighter Tomorrow

“Family Link Plus has changed my life. I feel like I have put in the work and know what steps I need to move forward.” – Crystal Willis, Family Link Plus Participant Helping Families Get Back on Track: “Family Link Plus offered the resources and support from trained staff that my family and I needed… View Article

Building Resilience Together: Offering Essential Support and Training for Crisis Response and Recovery

“Advancing hope is our job – it’s our focus day in and day out – as we work with people in crisis.” – Dr. Marcie Beigel, CECT Cadre Member Dr. Marcie Biegel on Fostering Healing and Hope for Children Fleeing War: “I served on the CECT responding to the Afghan refugee crisis, offering my expertise… View Article

Empowering Futures: Nurturing Workforce Success and Personal Growth for Youth

“My experience at the Adolescent Skills Center changed my life. Thanks to supportive teachers and counselors, I realized my untapped potential.” – Kevin Molina, 22 years old, Brooklyn Kevin’s Story: At my high school in Brooklyn, I grappled with significant academic challenges, partly due to my diagnoses of Asperger’s, ADHD, and anxiety, and also because… View Article

One-Year Anniversary of Native and Strong

“Everyone’s reaching out to us like, How did this happen? How did you do this? What is the secret ingredient? This is the ingredient: if you are serving a community, hire them, consult with them first, and make sure they are there. That is it.” —Rochelle Williams, Tribal Operations Manager for VOAWW The seemingly simple… View Article

Q&A: Veterans Day with Vibrant Military and Veteran Programs Team

We asked our Vibrant Military and Veteran Programs Team to share thoughts for the upcoming Veterans Day holiday, specifically about working with and for the Service Member, Veteran, and Family (SMVF) population. Here are their responses: Contributed by Dr. Kate Metro, Program Director; Gretchen Domek, Program Manager; Ryan Seymour, Program Manager: Standards, Training, and Practice;… View Article