Contact Center Services

Our Here2Help Connect Contact Center (H2H) uses state of the art, multi-channel communications technologies to connect individuals to counselors by phone, text and chat.

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Digital Cognitive Behavior Therapy

With our partners, we make Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (D-CBT) with the addition of telephonic and chat supports available to individuals at any time and from anywhere, including the privacy of participants’ homes.

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Smart Screener

Having a screening tool available online provided your clinicians with valuable patient information before they even see the patient, streamlining the assessment process.

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Preparing for Crises

Appropriate management of any crisis requires deliberate planning and preparation in order to minimize the potential negative impact on your staff and organization.

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Wellness and Mental Health Awareness Services

Emotional health is crucial to overall wellness. Vibrant’s wellness and mental health options can help your company take important steps in creating a corporate culture of well-being.

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Digital and Social Media Policies

There are compelling reasons for social media companies to establish digital policies that will reduce the risk of suicide for these individuals as well as mitigate risk for the company. Not only will it save lives, it is the socially responsible thing to do.

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Digital Resource Development Tip Sheet

Digital tools and resources for mental health and suicide prevention are proliferating. It's imperative that developers and creators work with mental health experts to ensure safety. Our tip sheet highlights some questions that digital creators may ask themselves when developing mental health or suicide prevention apps or incorporating mental health into digital platforms.

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