Meet some of the people whose lives were transformed with the help of Vibrant’s work and programs.

Help When it’s Needed Most: The National Disaster Distress Hotline

Barbara, a restaurant worker who was feeling extreme stress and anxiety for her family due to the COVID-19 pandemic, recently reached out for support to the Disaster Distress Helpline (DDH), administered by Vibrant. She shared that she is especially worried for her young children and was longing for safer times. In addition to the safety… View Article

Everyone Can Learn To Take Action With #BeThe1To

By empowering individuals with the tools to help people in crisis in their communities, we can support those who are struggling, demonstrate that suicide is not inevitable, and build a stronger mental health safety net for all.    

Here’s What I Learned From My Suicide Attempt

When 9/11 happened, I joined the Marines. The Marines gave me a sense of being and purpose. When you’re in the Marines, you are trained from the first day that death is creeping in. It’s always creeping in. It has to be on top of your mind. That I might die in Iraq was more… View Article

How I turned my broken moments into a mosaic.

This blog post is authored by Pura Torres, a Peer Support Specialist for MHA-NYC’s NYC Well program.  “I LOVE MY JOB!” Every time I say this, or think it, I can’t help but smile and laugh a little. Being a peer support specialist for MHA-NYC’s NYC Well program has become the most important part of… View Article

Speaking for Youth

DJ Wilkerson shares his experiences with MHA-NYC’s Queens Adolescent Skill Center, and how the Center helped him build his skills and gave him a chance to speak for youth without a voice.

Family Matters

Helping others is often the way we end up helping ourselves. No one knows that better than Michelle, who was able to help her two sons with the skills she learned on the job at NYC’s Bronx Family Resource Center (FRC). Her family’s transformation didn’t happen overnight. Back in 2004, Michelle was working with parents… View Article

Making a Difference: Abbie’s Story

Fifteen-year-old Abbie of San Antonio, Texas, knows firsthand what depression and suicide looked like. Her older sister attempted suicide last year, which eventually led Abbie to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. In 2012, the Lifeline launched You Matter, a blog written by five young adults like Abbie, who know suicide isn’t the solution and want… View Article

Chris Trotter at the 2013 MHA NYC Gala

Christopher describes his journey to MHA-NYC’s Bronx Adolescent Skills Center and how the program provided a safe space in which to grow, learn, and develop the skills necessary to succeed in life.

Priorities Lead to Success: Brandon’s Story

Brandon learned that he needed to set priorities in order to reach his professional goals. At MHA-NYC’s Adolescent Skills Center, he’s learned to take school seriously and is working with the dedicated staff to get on track as he aims to earn a college degree in business. Social studies isn’t a difficult subject for Brandon,… View Article