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parenting with{out} anxiety – series

Being a kid can be exciting, fun and joyful, but it can also be stressful!  As parents, caregivers, and teachers, we strive to enhance the joyful times and curb the stressful ones, but there are many factors over which we have no control.  What we can control is our responses to your children and young people.

We can provide them with a calm, consistent, and confident presence that supports their sense of safety and respect.

We can create predictable routines that help them know what to expect and keeps their anxiety about change to a minimum.

We can listen and validate their experiences without interfering or judging or jumping to conclusions.

We can encourage them to share their feelings and hlip them recognize that emotions are powerful and necessary human experiences.

We can be aware of our own stress levels and triggers and find ways to manage them so that our.

Supporting our children’s growth and learning is our greatest job, and although it can be challenging, it is crucial to remember that they are always learning from us in every moment.  Their behavior is a way to communicate what they need; it is a way for them to say “I need help” without having the words to tell us.  So, we have to listen with our eyes and hear the emotions between the words.  We must give our children permission to make mistakes, be angry, not feel like talking, and let them know that we will be there when they come through the other side to love them, help them understand their feelings, and get them any additional support that they might need.

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