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MHA-NYC’s Anitha Iyer talks mental health issues and policies

Mental Health Association of New York City’s Vice President of Contact Center Services, Anitha Iyer PhD, spoke with the WBAI City Watch team this past Saturday to discuss mental health issues and policies, NYC Well, and the importance of Mental Health Month.

Listen to the full podcast here and catch Anitha’s interview at 37:55.


NYC Well is a one click, one call connection to counseling, crisis intervention, peer support and referrals for treatment and support services, serving New York City’s five boroughs. NYC Well is free, 24/7/365 confidential mental health support for all New Yorkers. We’re here to listen and help with problems like stress, depression, anxiety or drug and alcohol misuse. For you or someone you care about. Please dial 1-888-NYC-WELL to speak to someone now. You may also Text “WELL” to 65173 or chat online here.

To learn more about MHA-NYC’s services, please click here.


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