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Guiding Families and Empowering Youth: Through Personalized Emotional Health Support

HJ’s Journey with Staten Island Family & Youth Peer Support (FYPS) Towards Well-being and Empowerment:

Before joining Staten Island FYPS, HJ, a 23-year-old mother of five was a survivor of domestic violence with a significant history of trauma. She faced uncertainty about how to ensure the well-being of herself and her children. Literacy challenges added to her struggles, hindering her ability to effectively advocate for herself within the child welfare system. Since enrolling with FYPS, HJ has experienced positive changes. Collaborating with a Family Peer Advocate, HJ is actively identifying goals for herself throughout her parenting journey, striving to provide the best possible support for her children. She has connected with a victims of crime program to support her recovery from trauma. Additionally, she has been linked with crucial community resources.

Queens FYPS Program Provides Support and Advocacy for Isobel and Her Son’s Journey to Healing:

Isobel, a single mother of twins, joined the Queens FYPS program to help process the aftermath of domestic violence, an experience witnessed by her children. Isobel also needed support for her son, who was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and on the autism spectrum. After witnessing her son exhibit aggressive behavior, and as a result, repeat emergency room visits, Isobel needed guidance finding placement for him in a residential facility. The Queens FYPS program provided robust family advocacy support to Isobel, assisting her in organizing a case conference involving her son’s school, the hospital’s clinical team and the child welfare team to discuss residential treatment. With the backing of a Family Peer Advocate, Isobel successfully presented the case for her son’s need for a higher level of care. Since the residential placement, Isobel’s son has achieved improved emotional regulation, and his outbursts have significantly decreased. The Queens FYPS collaborative and empathetic approach advanced hope for her son’s future, as well as increased Isobel’s confidence in advocating for her child’s needs.

About Vibrant’s Family & Youth Peer Support Services:

At Vibrant, our Family & Youth Peer Support (FYPS) Services are powered by advocates who’ve walked similar paths to those they serve, successfully navigating the complexities of the child-serving system. Our youth advocates, drawing from personal experiences, not only offer specialized support tailored to individual needs but also prioritize building the leadership skills of other young individuals, aiding in their successful transition to adulthood. FYSP Services provide support and empowerment not only to parents and caregivers but also to children and young adults up to age 24. This type of care ranges from social and emotional support to developmental and behavioral challenges, and navigating substance abuse.

The program’s mission is to alleviate the isolation and stress experienced by youth and families during times of emotional and behavioral difficulties, paving the way for personal empowerment. Recognizing that there’s no one size-fits-all solution for youth and families, our approach is about being there for them. Through one-to-one support and evidence-based parenting classes and workshops, families and youth can access the resources and skills needed to feel capable and confident in responding to life’s unique challenges.


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