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A Good Place To Live Is Critical for Older Adults With Psychiatric Disabilities

MHA-NYC President & CEO, Kimberly Williams, alongside Lisa Furst, MHA-NYC’s Assistant Vice President, Michael B. Friedman, Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University, Paul S. Nestadt, Johns Hopkins supervising psychiatrist and post-doctoral fellow, and Lina M. Rodriguez, Columbia University research assistant, have co-authored an article on the importance of proper housing for older individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia.

“Not so many years ago a diagnosis of schizophrenia was a life sentence, shortened only by the low life expectancy of people with serious and persistent mental illness. Thanks to the recovery movement, we now understand that a diagnosis of schizophrenia or other serious psychotic disorder does not doom people to terrible lives. The quality of individuals’ lives can be better or worse, and which it is depends to a considerable extent not only on the treatment and care that they get, but largely on the conditions in which they live. Safe, stable, and appropriate housing is critical to their quality of life.”

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