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Vibrant Emotional Health Unveils National Headquarters that Fosters Employee Well-Being and Innovation

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From left to right: Florida Starks, Board Member at Vibrant; Jennifer Ashley, Chair of the Board of Directors at Vibrant; Michael Butler, Lieutenant at NYPD; Kimberly Williams, President and CEO of Vibrant; Grant Brenner, Board Member at Vibrant; Stetson Stanger, ASL Interpreter; Carleton Archer, Vice President of Operations at Vibrant.

New York, NY (February 9, 2024)Vibrant Emotional Health (Vibrant), one of the nation’s leading mental health organizations, is proud to announce the grand opening of its new national headquarters, located at 80 Pine Street, New York, NY. This state-of-the-art facility will serve as a hub for advancing mental health initiatives and supporting individuals and communities in need.

Vibrant’s national headquarters boasts an innovative and employee-centric design, featuring open space, indoor plants, wellness rooms, recreational areas, and meeting rooms, with high-end technology to enhance the work experience for over 900 on-site and remote staff.

With video conferencing capabilities and interactive presentation tools, these rooms enhance the organization’s ability to connect with stakeholders, partners, and the broader community.

The opening celebration included a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the morning, followed by a facility tour showcasing the headquarters’ innovative design elements and technology integrations. Attendees included mental health advocates, community leaders, elected officials, government officials/partners, and partners from various sectors.

Kimberly Williams, President and CEO of Vibrant Emotional Health expressed her enthusiasm about the new headquarters, stating, “This marks a significant milestone for Vibrant as we establish a central hub for our national efforts to promote emotional well-being. It is an investment in the well-being and productivity of our dedicated staff. By fostering a positive and collaborative environment, we aim to empower our team to continue making a meaningful impact on mental health initiatives nationwide. Our facility will be available for both our employees and partners for retreats, executive team meetings, board meetings, and workshops and training.”

Jennifer Ashley, Chair of the Board of Directors at Vibrant Emotional Health, emphasized the importance of the new headquarters in advancing the organization’s mission. “I am honored to represent the Board of Directions of Vibrant and convey our collective appreciation for the remarkable leadership of our President and CEO, Kimberly Williams. Kimberly’s vision, dedication, and tireless efforts have propelled Vibrant to new heights, inspiring us all to work toward a future where mental health is prioritized, understood, and supported.” 

“Vibrant Emotional Health’s operation of the 988 Lifeline is critical during this ongoing crisis,” said New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan. “Facilitating access to mental health resources and crisis response at your fingertips helps people get the help they need when they need it. We’re proud to partner with Vibrant to support connections to resources because New York City is better when we center mental health.”

“Congratulations to Vibrant Emotional Health on the grand opening of their new headquarters, an important milestone in their long-standing track record of promoting well-being for over 50 years. We value their partnership with New York City and appreciate their impactful work operating 988 to ensure that New Yorkers have timely access to mental health support,” said Eva Wong, Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office of Community Mental Health. “Vibrant’s comprehensive community programs that emphasize support, coping skills, and care coordination are also important assets for local individuals and families as they navigate the ups and downs of life. I applaud them for prioritizing employee well-being as they help their fellow New Yorkers build healthy and fulfilling lives.”

State Senator Brian Kavanagh, who represents Lower Manhattan, said: “The grand opening of Vibrant Emotional Health’s new headquarters in Lower Manhattan is cause for celebration for Lower Manhattan and all of New York. I am happy to have one of the nation’s leading mental health organizations in my district to provide mental health programming and support to individuals and communities in need. We must prioritize ensuring that all New Yorkers have access to high-quality mental wellness services.”

“Congratulations to Vibrant Emotional Health for the grand opening of their new headquarters,” said Assemblymember Grace Lee of Assembly District 65. “Vibrant Emotional Health hosts programs and services utilized by millions across the country, and we are so fortunate to have direct access to them here in Lower Manhattan. Since the pandemic, we have seen a massive rise in mental health needs across New York; it is critical that we make mental health resources available to all members of our community, especially the most vulnerable. I look forward to a great partnership with Vibrant Emotional Health to better reach and serve the district.”

New York City Council Member Christopher Marte of District 1 issued a congratulatory Council Citation, which was presented at the grand opening of Vibrant’s new headquarters on Thursday. Council Member Marte commented, “The Council Member is pleased to welcome Vibrant to its new home in Lower Manhattan and lauds Vibrant’s efforts in providing crucial mental and emotional support services across New York City.”

Michael Rudin, Co-CEO at Rudin commented, “We are pleased to welcome Vibrant to the repositioned 80 Pine Street. Vibrant is a pioneer in mental health and human well-being, and we are proud to play a small role in facilitating their vital, life-changing work.”

For media inquiries or information about the grand opening event, please contact Divendra Jaffar at [email protected].


About Vibrant Emotional Health
Vibrant Emotional Health is a non-profit organization that helps individuals and families achieve emotional well-being. For over 50 years, our groundbreaking solutions have delivered high-quality services and support when, where, and how people need it. We offer confidential emotional support through our state-of-the-art contact center and crisis hotline services that use leading-edge telephone, text, and web-based technologies, including the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, Disaster Distress Helpline, Veterans Crisis Line, and the NFL Life Line. Through our community wellness programs, individuals and families obtain the support and skills they need to thrive. Our advocacy and education initiatives promote mental well-being as a social responsibility. We help nearly 5 million people live healthier and more vibrant lives each year. We’re advancing access, dignity, and respect for all and revolutionizing the system for good. Visit vibrant.org. And follow Vibrant on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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