Strong families are the foundation of a strong community. Our family programs provide a wide range of support and advocacy services to parents and caregivers. We work with families to identify the right supports and services for their children at the time they need them most.

Family Resource Centers

The Family Resource Centers (FRCs) help reduce the isolation and stress of parenting a child with emotional and behavioral difficulties. The FRCs are staffed by specially trained Family Advocates who have first-hand experience raising a child with emotional and behavioral challenges. Family Advocates provide needed support and help parents and caregivers develop the knowledge and skills that they need to become their child’s best advocate.

Family Link and Family Link Plus Preventive Programs

Family Link works collaboratively with families to support and strengthen their ability to nurture their children in a safe and secure environment. Our case planners link families with mental health, health, educational, and social services that help promote the emotional and physical wellbeing of their children, with the goal of preventing child abuse and neglect.

COS Parent Coaching Program

The Circle of Security parent coaching program helps parents and caregivers understand what their child needs from them. Through a series of group-based sessions, parents and caregivers learn how to read their child’s emotional needs, support their child’s ability to manage emotions, enhance their child’s self esteem, and honor their child’s desire to be secure.