Center for Policy, Advocacy and Education


MHA-NYC identifies areas of unmet mental health needs and serves as a convener and coalition builder across service delivery systems to foster improved communication and cooperation among stakeholders and to develop and advocate for shared recommendations to improve care.

Learn more about coalitions founded by MHA-NYC, The Geriatric Mental Health Alliance of New York and The Veterans Mental Health Coalition of New York City.


MHA-NYC’s Center for Policy, Advocacy and Education promotes the development of and advocacy for mental health policies that anticipate the mental health needs of the next decade or longer. Learn more about MHA-NYC’s advocacy role in addressing pressing mental health issues.


MHA-NYC is committed to providing educational opportunities for the general public, mental health consumers, providers and others to increase awareness and understanding of mental health issues and the effectiveness of treatment and to provide linkage to available resources. Learn more about MHA-NYC’s educational opportunities.