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Strengthening Our Culture of Belonging: Embedding Equity In the Workplace and the Communities We Serve

“We want folks to know that Vibrant is accessible, accountable, intentional, and thoughtful. Those are all the essential components to a sense of belonging.” – Sa’uda Dunlap, Vice President of Equity and Belonging

Embedding Equity in Vibrant’s Workplace and the Communities We Serve This past year, Vibrant worked across the organization to further embed belonging into our fabric, structurally and culturally. We faced external societal challenges that tested us, but we stood our ground, believing that our work was essential to advancing hope. Our efforts to cultivate belonging were focused on two categories: workplace and programs. We deepened equity and inclusion across Vibrant’s teams by growing our employee communities and their impact.

Vibrant’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee worked to ensure that inclusion is built into our programs and services. The Committee refined its structure and focus, incorporating staff across each of the organization’s business pillars, and established a charter with a clear mission and vision. Throughout last year, the Committee worked together to establish CLAS standards – Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services – across the organization, ensuring equitable access to emotional health services. Acting as a mechanism for checks and balances, CLAS standards will contribute to ensuring the delivery of our services in a diverse array of languages and the alignment of our mission and vision with the demographics of the people we serve.

“We want everyone to imagine Vibrant as accessible, accountable, intentional, and thoughtful,” said Dunlap. “This is what I call ‘humanity work’.” As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our efforts to embed belonging more deeply into our organization and our work. We are fully committed to creating lasting change that will advance hope and healing for all.



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