Vibrant’s Youth Employment Services (Y.E.S) Adolescent Skills Center Program helps transition-age youth to develop the skills and attitudes they need to find and retain employment, develop positive interpersonal skills, and obtain and maintain independent living skills in order to make a successful transition from school to work. The program’s strong integration with supportive mental health services enables staff to effectively address the emotional and behavioral problems common to this population.

By providing a full range of strength-based intensive educational and vocational programming that is fully compatible with mental health services, the Y.E.S. program has developed a proven track record of successfully transitioning adolescents and young adults into adult community living and the world of work.

Our Program

Vibrant’s Youth Employment Services (Y.E.S) Adolescent Skills Center is a supportive and comprehensive vocational and educational program with a unique focus on mental health and wellness, open to all students who fit these criteria:

  • Adolescents ages 16-21
  • Emotional Challenges or Behavioral Issues

The Youth Employment Services Program is administered by a dedicated and experienced group of professionals including a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Employment Specialist, Job Developer,  Case Manager, Youth Advocates and a DOE Special Education teacher from District 75.

Those admitted are eligible for the following services:

  • Educational Services
    • Remedial Education (individual and group) Classes
    • High School Equivalency Exam preparation (TASC)

    Vocational Services

    • Paid Internships and job placement assistance
    • Vocational/Pre-Employment (Individual and Group Counseling)
    • Job Coaching and Career Club (WORC)
    • Assistance with VESID/ACCES-VR Application Process
    • Volunteer Program to develop job-readiness skills with monetary stipends

    Emotional Support Services

    • Wellness Self-Management (KEY) Group
    • Life Skills/Transition to Independence (TIP) group
    • Healthy Living Group
    • Case Management Services


The Y.E.S. program is provided at no cost to consumers. The program is grant- funded through the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and participants must reside in any of the five boroughs of NYC (Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens) to enroll. The program accepts new referrals year-round, and Y.E.S. program staff is available to answer questions and schedule appointments.

Contact Our Staff

50 Broadway, ste 805
New York, NY 10004
212-254-0333, ext 861

Connie Toala (Spanish Speaker): Job Developer

Molly House: Case Manager

Nia Braithwaite: Employment Specialist

TuYa Yang (Mandarin Speaker): Youth Advocate

Jarvis Bullock: Youth Advocate

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