The Veterans Mental Health Coalition (VMHC), co-founded by MHA-NYC and NAMI-NYC Metro, was formed to promote policy and practice change to ensure access to quality mental health care and related services for veterans, service members, and their families. With over 950 members, the VMHC represents a diverse cross section of veterans’ service and advocacy leaders, behavioral health, health, and social service providers, local, state and federal government leaders, private and corporate funders, researchers, academics, advocates and thought leaders. Through information, education, networking and promotion of a comprehensive array of services, the VMHC is a broad-based, credible, go-to resource for effectively addressing the needs of veterans and their families with behavioral health needs.

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MHA-NYC, in partnership with Essential Learning, a national leader in online behavioral health education, is proud to host a website devoted to helping behavioral health professionals access up-to-date, cost-effective training modules.

The Serving Our Veterans Certificate is a public/private partnership among the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, the Department of Defense Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP), and Essential Learning to ensure that our exceptional veterans and their families receive the exceptional services they deserve.

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