MHA-NYC is committed to providing educational opportunities for the general public, mental health consumers, providers and others to increase awareness and understanding of mental health issues and the effectiveness of treatment and to provide connection to available resources.

Key messages of mental health education

  • Mental health is fundamental to overall health and well-being.
  • Behavioral health disorders are real, common, and treatable.
  • Behavioral health disorders do not discriminate – anyone can be affected.
  • Treatment works!
  • Recovery is possible!


Educational goals

  • To promote positive, balanced, and accurate information about mental health, mental illness, treatment and recovery.
  • To increase prevention and early identification of mental illness.
  • To educate diverse audiences of youth, adults and older adults about mental health, mental illness, and how to access help.
  • To link people with behavioral health needs to community-based organizations with appropriate services and treatment.


What we provide

Interactive workshops, presentations and trainings for diverse professional and consumer audiences about:

  • Signs, symptoms and causes of behavioral health problems, including mood, anxiety and other common disorders.
  • How to know when professional help is needed and options for treatment
  • Consultation, training and technical assistance for organizations to enhance capacity to identify and address behavioral health concerns.
  • Multi-lingual literature on how to access help through NYC Well, NYC’s front door to behavioral health resources.


For more information about training, consultation and technical assistance services, please contact Lisa Furst, LMSW, MPH, Assistant Vice President, Center for Policy, Advocacy, and Education at 212-614-6313