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A True Sense of Serenity

Your support helps young people find their place in the world.

Just ask Serenity. Or Reny, for short.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Reny joined Vibrant’s Adolescent Skills Center (ASC) during high school.

She was butting heads with family and slipped into a depression that caused her to isolate. She wasn’t her creative, upbeat, or optimistic self.

“I didn’t want my terrible energy to rub off on anybody else,” she said.

But Reny—self-aware of her greatness and potential—knew change needed to happen. And that that change would come from within.

A friend referred her to Vibrant’s ASC. Skeptical at first, the program and staff quickly won Reny over. She found community and the support she needed. The program prepares young people to succeed in the work world while providing emotional support and skill building.

Reny received resume-building support, access to job opportunities and service projects, and rediscovered creative passions like photography.

“They never lost me by words. They always won me by actions,” she said. “They take their time to sit with you and direct you on what you have to do. ‘Everything’s going to be OK’, they’d tell me.’”

“Everything’s going to be OK, they’d tell me.”

And they were right.

“It really pushed me … they showed me that they cared. It’s as if [the staff] hear you, even when you’re silent.”

Young people face unique challenges today. By helping them develop skills and providing emotional support, we can equip them to create lasting relationships, make empowered decisions, and care for their own futures.

Through Vibrant, Reny found a true sense of Serenity. And we couldn’t be prouder.


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