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A PTSD Month Statement From Our CEO

With the start of June, we begin PTSD Awareness Month and as with so many other mental health challenges, individuals with PTSD often face loneliness and stigma. The traumatic events that can cause PTSD, like a sexual or physical assault, the unexpected death of a loved one, an accident, a battlefield experience or a natural disaster can cause anyone to have a reaction of shock or anger, nervousness or fear. The reactions are common and to be expected, and for most they go away.

But when they don’t it can be debilitating for those suffering and their loved ones.

As we focus attention on those with PTSD this month, it is vital that we focus on the positive ways we can help – and improve outcomes. Reach out, be a good listener and support anyone you suspect might be suffering from PTSD or any mental health issue.

It is so important to remember that all issues related to mental health and wellness are not about months of awareness or days of attention, but constant support, 365 days a year so that everyone gets the chance to reach their full potential. Let’s do exactly that for all of our friends, colleagues and loved ones.

Giselle Stolper


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